Best Archery Bow

Finding the best archery bow depends on your skill level, use, and size. Picking a bow that suits you and your shooting preference is an important decision that deserves deliberation.

The right bow is like an extension of the hunter’s body, they should be able to operate it smoothly, and the bow should be a precise fit for efficiency.

A bow that doesn’t fit can be tricky to aim, and if they’re too heavy, this can cause bad shooting habits.

Also, if you purchase a bow that’s too heavy or too big, it can become a burden when you’re covering ground or traveling through bushes.

If the draw weight is too heavy, the hunter will find it difficult to stealthily drawn the bow. Once the bow is drawn, the hunter will have problems holding it steady while preparing to shoot.

Buying the wrong bow is expensive because, at some point, you will have to face purchasing the replacement.

This review on the best archery boy has our top 5 picks on today’s market as well as a useful buyers guide.

This information will be enough to help you make your choice; let’s get into it!


Bear Archery New 2018 Species RTH Compound Bow 70# Right Hand Kryptek Highlander

From one axle to the other, the Bear Archery Species RTH bow measures 31″ which is an instant verification that this compound is for experienced bow hunters.

At 4lbs, this model may not be easy to manipulate and therefore is unsuitable for beginners.

Although this bow is heavier than others, it’s a great challenge for you if you’re an experienced hunter. The additional weight will encourage you to become better and learn how to handle it.

This bow provides an 80% let-off, so there’s enough compensation for pulling the string. Also, the reward is the maximum velocity for your arrow, which is 320 fps.

Therefore, each arrow will reach its target as you hone your aiming skills.

Six Trophy Ridge accessories are provided with your Bear Archery RTH bow. The 4-pin sight will ensure increased accuracy while the whisker biscuit arrow is among the best on today’s market.  Also provided is a quiver, peep sight and nock loop.

The limp dampener system that’s installed on the bow teamed with the Shockwaves technology prevents vibrations, which is a necessity for hunters.

Additionally, the limb boot design holds the limbs in place to provide silence when drawing your bow and on release.


  • Simple set-up provides overall convenience
  • High velocity makes this an excellent choice for experienced hunters
  • Vibration and noise silencing technology
  • Excellent construction
  • High quality Trophy Ridge kit included
  • Smooth single cam system


  • Too heavy for beginners
  • High price range
  • Some reviews report that the cable slide feels cheap and doesn't match the quality of the rest of its components


SWA Raptor (Black, Right Hand)

Another product we’ve previously reviewed is The Raptor Compound Kit. This is an excellent option for those who don’t have time or experience to search for the perfect accessories to fit their bow.

The exceptional quality of the materials used for the bow and the accessories make this kit a worthwhile investment.

Considering the amount of added extras, one of the main selling points of this kit is the competitive price! The performance is superior, and the bow is versatile due to its adjustability.

Unlike other models in the same price range that can feel flimsy and cheap, Raptor source the best US-manufactured components from the highest quality materials.

Predator Archery avoids cutting corners which are reflected in the machined aluminum cams.

The 5 pin sight comes with light and level and a whisker biscuit arrow rest and stabilizer.

The Raptor is a fantastic choice for anybody seeking versatility. The draw length is modifiable between 24.5″ and 31″, also the draw weight can be adjusted between 30lbs and 70lbs.

The 30″ axle-to-axle design and the weight of just 3.6lbs are perfect for when you’re using 350-grain arrows to send them flying at 315 fps.


  • Adjustability provides versatility
  • Superior Performance
  • Fully machined aluminium cams
  • 5 pin sight
  • Available in black or camo
  • Perfect for hunting, bowfish or target practice
  • Suitable for adults and juniors


  • Not ideal for those who prefer long axle to axle length
  • Peep sight may require tweaking


GENESIS Kit - RH Black

This flexible and durable helmet is one of the best in today’s market. Built for a range of water sports, this piece of headwear is equipped to keep you looking great and feeling safe.

Whether you’re a beginner tackling your first wave or a professional looking to play hard, this helmet will provide you with the reliable protection you need.

From a brand known for their recognizable and unique style, this model comes in four finishes, including a ‘satin orange’ which will not only ensure you stand out but can be extremely useful in terms of lifeguard visibility with there are ultra-crowded line-ups.

With its high-density injection-molded ABS shell and its soft, quick-absorbing EVA liner, the helmet provides not only effective protection but comfort around the top of the neck and the ears.

For further comfort, the straps of the helmet are made of a soft, nylon, webbed material rather than the harsh plastic that many manufactures tend to use.

This helmet with its durability, ventilation, and practical composition is one that is known for its mass appeal amongst surfers and water enthusiasts worldwide.

If you are looking for a high-standard, substantial value for money model, you will not regret choosing the Pro-Tec Ace Water helmet.


  • Light and comfortable fit
  • Closed-cell padding which prevents water build-up
  • Safety Standard Certification verified
  • Equipped with 15 open vent holes
  • Universal and built for a range of water sports


  • Non-adjustable straps


Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow (45 LB, Right)

The Samick Sage is one of the best-selling recurve takedown bows in the world, directly inspiring many of its competitors.

Riser quality is high, with pre-installed bushings to attach additional accessories as required; flanked by hard maple and black fiberglass limbs.

Beginners, as well as experienced archers, will also enjoy the Sage; available in draw weights between #25 and #60.

Users should keep in mind that the max draw length is 29’’ so if you are particularly tall, you may struggle with this model.

Available in left and right-handed versions, the Sage requires no tools for assembly and comes complete with arrow rest to assist beginners.


  • Great for beginners
  • No tools required
  • Several draw weights
  • Pre-installed bushings


  • Not the most lightweight recurve bow on the market, might be too large for youths


Leader Accessories Compound Bow 30-55lbs 19' - 29' Archery Hunting Equipment with Max Speed 296fps (Black)

The Leader Accessories Bow is a hunting compound bow with a riser that’s made from aluminum and creates a speed of 310 fps.

Arrows have a fast travel rate due to the 80% let-off, which allows them to absorb vast amounts of energy from the compound bow. This helps to achieve high accuracy at every shot.

The string’s length is up to 31″ and is easily adjustable with an Allen wrench. Also, the string of the bow can be pulled to produce up to 7lbs of energy.

The smooth short and great force that’s provided by the arrow projection can easily hunt large animals.

This compound bow provides excellent target accuracy because the string has four pins to indicate sight and correct arrow positioning.

The arrow can hit a deer at 30 yeards using the second pin or 40 yards when placed on the fourth pin.

The smooth draw cycle will not jam the string for powerful draws. The cams are well manufactured and resist tension from the string. This transfers the energy from the bow to the arrow.

This compound bow excels in the moods and is resistant to rain and heat. The whole body holds together for excellent outdoor use.


  • Great for hunting large animals
  • The four pins indicate sight and correct arrow positioning
  • Smooth draw cycle
  • Great price
  • Pre-drilled holes for add-ons


  • This now is not lightweight - unsuitable for beginners
  • The strings require regular tightening

Best Archery Bow Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Archery Bow

As mentioned earlier, picking the right bow depends on your experience and style of shooting.

Here are the criteria to look out for;

Draw Length

The draw length is how far the string goes before it stops. Therefore, purchasing a bow with a draw length that’s too long for you will cause you to miss out on some of the power that the bow should provide.

Purchasing a draw length that’s too short will result in an uncomfortable hunting or archery session.

If you haven’t already, make sure that you’ve measured your draw length before you pick out a bow. If you’re a beginner, I recommend that you visit your local store and ask for assistance to measure your draw length.

Length of the Bow

Your draw length usually determines your bow length, but depending on their personal preference, some archers will have a range of bow sizes, each one suited to their differing shoots.

If you’re hunting, you’ll need a shorter bow. Shorter bows are light to carry around, and they’re easy to fire. If you’re target shooting, go for a larger bow because it will be easier for you to fire a precise shot.

The average bow length is around 30 to 32 inches; however, the right bow for you might differ.


If you’re purchasing a bow for hunting, you need a setup that will provide you with the most power.

For hunting, you should look for a bow that has a higher arrow speed and increased let off. Let off is when the archer can consistently have their bow ready without having to struggle with adjusting the draw weight.

If you’re target shooting, look for a bow that you’re able to shoot accurately. You can achieve this by looking for lower draw weight, a higher let off and a heavier bow. The heavier the weight or longer the bow will increase your chances of achieving an accurate shot.

Using a high let-off and a tree stand will be a great combination to let you focus on getting the right shot.


The weight of the bow will affect how you shoot. The lighter your bow, the longer you can carry it around with you on long hunts under challenging terrains.

If you’re an experienced hunter, you will need to find a bow that’s sturdy enough to aim and make precise shots but also light enough for you to carry. If you’re target shooting, heavier bows aren’t as much of a problem because they don’t require much transportation.

Draw Weight

Draw weight affects how you shoot your bow. Higher draw weights result in more powerful shots. However, beginners may find it challenging to shoot higher draw weights. Therefore, it’s better to start on a bow with a lower draw weight.

Once you’ve perfected your accuracy and technique, upgraded to higher draw weight.

Compound bows have cams at the bottoms of the limbs that move to regulate and distribute the draw weight. For example, there are some bows where you will only deal with 10-15lbs of draw weight while the bow has an overall draw weight of 70lbs.

This means that you’re only dealing with roughly 20% of the overall draw weight with an 80% let off.

Let Off

The higher the let off, the less weight that you will have to handle.

So, this means that you’re able to aim precisely without having to hold the whole draw weight.

Arrow Speed

The arrow speed is an indication of the strength and power behind your bow. The speed is affected by the overall weight of the arrow and the bow.

The higher the speed, the more power there is in the bow. If you’re shooting targets, you may not need a bow with high arrow speed.


Compound bows are constructed from a variety of materials that have varying qualities. Higher-quality bows with premium manufactured components will be more expensive.

If you have a budget, don’t feel disheartened. There are decent bows that can take down game with high accuracy at lower prices.

Best Archery Bow for Beginners

Here’s a quick rundown of styles of bow for our beginner archers;


These are great basic beginner bows. They’re perfect for children that have expressed an interest in archery, but a recurve is more suitable if they wish to pursue the sport further.


Recurve bows are associated with target archery, which is the most popular style in the UK.

These bows are the only style that is allowed in the Olympics and are a great starter option.


Compound bows are the newest variety of bow and are permitted as long as they’re not electric. These bows have cams, which makes drawing the bow easier due to the distributed draw weight.

Also, compound bows come with accessories like telescopic sights, biscuit arrow holders, Allen wrenches, and arm guards.

Best Youth Archery Bow

Understanding the features that work best for your juniors will develop them into lifelong archery fanatics.

Archery is a great way to build your child’s confidence while instilling discipline and respect.

A great option on our list for youth archery is the Genesis Original Kit. Genesis developed their Original Kit with young archers in mind to help them improve their technique and accuracy.

The bow comes with a draw weight of 6-12lbs and a 6 1/8″ brace height. Plus, the Genesis has street cred thanks to its selection by the National Archery in Schools Program.

This bow is perfect for your first grader who’s mastering their basic shooting skills.

Best Bow for Target Archery

Target compound bows are built for precision accuracy.

Target recurve bows are longer than hunting models. Full-size target recurve bows used by men usually run 66-72 inches long. Women often shoot target bows 64-70 inches.

Recurve bows that are built for target archery are long and forgiving. The open string angle is crucial to a clean release. Sharper string angles make it difficult to get a clean release because the drawing fingers can get squeezed by the string.


I know, that was a lot of information!

It’s a lot to take in but don’t panic, I’ll summarise.

The RAPTOR Compound Hunting Kit wins Archery Edge’s best archery bow.

Although the Bear Archery Species is a 2019 popular choice, the RAPTOR delivers as much punch and comes in at a more budget-friendly price.

The RAPTOR is a solid choice for anyone that requires versatility. This bow works excellently for hunting and target practice. Additionally, the fully machined aluminum cams minimize the weight for long hunts that require rapid and accurate arrows.

Genesis Original Kit wins the best youth archery bow category – yes I just made that up.

The Genesis is easily adjustable for your growing junior and boasts a fantastic single-cam technology for less recoil and accurate shooting.

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